The world changed overnight and to survive in business one must be perceived as the market segment leader or the one with the most value! If you are an artist, a consultant or seek self promotion you must be perceived as IMMORTAL and having more value than your peers! You must create obvious value and benefit for your customers.  Your brand has to resonate infinitely. We help businesses and individuals create this high value and perception.  Be a champion, sell more, create growth and sustain yourself to be immortal and the leader!


Create a DYNAMIC mobile smartphone web site that looks good on a iPhone, Android,  iPad, desktop or laptop.  We develop mobile – browser optimized sites for less than what most businesses have paid for a standard web site. Sell products online fast and easy, promote your business and connect to social media environments! Create content, media, deploy and build growth! E-commerce web sites start at $250.00! Click on the samples below of sites we have built or click here to see more…


Rubymoon Studios is growing! After 12 years of being in business, Rubymoon has new staff members.

Video Shooter/Producer/Editor/Broadcast-Streaming Field Producer: Thomas Murphy
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Internet Sales, Design & Development, Video Producer: Luis Barragan-Salas
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Promote and market yourself or your business more effectively so that you sell more or build growth overnight!  We help you target the masses, target mobile devices and the latest social trends and their audiences!  We understand and develop viral marketing that is more important than anything these days within Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc.) to build traffic, growth and revenue!!

It doesn’t matter if you are a retail store, a service business, a musician, an artist, a school, a business or organization. We can help you take advantage of technology, cutting edge marketing and quick, affordable solutions!

Video production, commercials, advertising and deploying through mobile devices is easier than ever!  Stream real time events, broadcast through your own channel or web site to reach more customers and build an audience! Give us a call and set up an appointment. We are happy to drop in and give examples of what we do to accelerate your business growth and revenue!


If you own a business or are a professional, an artist, a writer, a publisher or someone who wants to create traffic you need to invest to BUILD YOUR BUSINESS!  BUILD TRAFFIC, BUILD  HITS and MAKE MORE MONEY!  I’ll show you effective ways to accomplish this or build it for you.

Create a storyboard, gather cast members, shoot and edit.. all in 24 hours! My latest video production, I own the music and shot, edited, mixed and mastered all content for the video. I offer video production services for artists, musicians and businesses.

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